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Welcome to Little Bablyon

Where we provide you with ideas not simply for fairy gardens, but gardens of any size. Have you ever met anybody with a “green thumb”? Or thought to yourself “But maintaining a garden is so difficult!”? Thinking gardening is too difficult? I have one answer: start small!

We aim to provide information for you to develop your own green thumb and understand the very basics of gardening. It really isn’t that difficult once you break down a watering schedule and outline the needs of your plants. They need water and food just like you.

Not into maintenance? There are plenty of wonderful (and realistic) artificial plants out there. Build your fairy garden with some fake plants and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where you’re going to start building your metropolis.

We’re just like you. We’re learning new things all the time and using this site as our scratch pad. We just hope that we’ve clearly documented what works and what doesn’t. Use this site as a guide to recreate existing methods or as inspiration for trying a new and unique method of your own.

Creativity is what fairies love and one of the many things that attract them. The more thought and care that go into garden, the more you’ll get out of it. This applies to more than just vegetation. There is a certain satisfaction in watching this little habitat grow and mature. You’ll know once you experience it yourself.

Why wait until tomorrow or next season? Your garden doesn’t have to begin outside! Get started today. Follow our basic beginners guide and choose your location. We hope that our content is useful and will lead to having a little babylon of your own very soon.

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