What is a Fairy Garden?

A Place for Fairies to Call Home

A fairy garden is wonderful little place for fairies to call home. Have you ever seen a ring of mushrooms in a large patch of grass or in the forest? These are often called fairy rings. It’s believed that these are the sites where fairies would sit and dance and play. Well, fairies need a place to live, don’t they?

Fairy gardens are places for these little fairies to live all year round.

Fun for All Ages

Fairy gardens aren’t just for kids. In fact, gardening can be a cathartic experience for people anywhere from 1 to 100. Okay, maybe not children that young, but you get the idea.

Your imagination is truly your only limitation with fairy gardens. They’re more than what you see in front of you. This is a home for fairies and creatures to enjoy all day long. Whether or not you choose to include fairy figurines, you’re constructing a place for many things to live. You better believe this includes bugs and insects!

Picture in your mind the type of atmosphere you’d like to create, and who would be enjoying that type of environment. Are you expecting to call on a strong, independent fairy who likes their garden tidy? Put together a small pot with a modest house, some grass, and a tree. Just enough to look pretty and nothing unnecessary.

Planning to call on a group of fun-loving fairies who play all day long? Find objects around your yard that you can include for fun time activities. Instead of a lawn, make jungle gym out of twigs and leaves. And just so you know, leaves make great slides!

Fairy Garden Ideas

Your fairy garden can be an extension of you. To give you an example, my garden would be well-maintained with no creeping plants. The landscaping would be impressive and manicured. Short-cut grass, small pebbles, a pond and some small trees. The most notable piece would be a park bench outlined in a shaded corner of land. The kind of place you’d like to sit and visit with friends in the afternoon.

The enjoyment of your garden doesn’t have to be limited to you and your fairies. Include your friends and family. You’d be surprised how many great ideas you can think of together. And if you have enough open space, invite other houses onto your land!

You can create anything from a two-home garden and a shared yard up to a small community with its own central park. Fairies love to gather and have fun in groups. Wouldn’t it be neat knowing that your garden is “the place” that all your local fairies love to visit?

Always Growing Bigger

Don’t let the size of the container stop you from growing. Even if you’ve begun your garden inside a small pot, you can always move to a larger location or place the pot nearby. Fairy gardens don’t always have to be near one another, either. Do you have family on the other side of town? The other side of the country? The world?

Taking care of your garden, big or small, you gain a certain level of responsibility. You’re in charge of not only the physical upkeep of the garden, but also providing a fun place to keep your fairies entertained! The entire garden looks up to you in order to survive.

Why not start right now? Start building your fairy garden today and come back to us for fairy garden ideas. We’re always looking for impressive new ways to display your fairy wonderland. Share your experiences with friends and family. Teach your siblings what you’ve learned. Keep the magic going for many generations. Of course, feel free to share your gardens here. We’d love to hear from you.

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